Evan McAnulty 3-D Computer Modeling
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Evan McAnulty Desk Scene
 A Final Moment 

"Working late, a writer sits at his desk, articles and stories that could shift the tides of war. In an instant his quite night is shattered, a bomb destroys the corner of his study. Deafened by the shock, dazed from the force, he falls onto the floor, dust clouding his eyes, he looks up to the moon now beaming through the hole that was just moments ago un scared walls. Siloutes of bombers now approach shadowing from the moon, this is his last moment."

I have always enjoyed the history that surrounds world war 2. I decided that an anti propagandis of the german's war, was very fitting for the project. The poster on the wall is a recruitment poster posted throughout the german territory. I believe the writer could have been in the middle of producing an article for a local paper, meant to discourage people from joining the war. But without warning, his writing is disrupted by the same people he writes about. Bringing the war home.

The many spelling and grammar errors are reproduced from the student's report.

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 Typewriter product_details.aspx?id_product=746
 Planes 3d-models/ raytheon-a36-bonanza-aircraft-3d-model/310331
 Rubble FullPreview/Index.cfm/ ID/222758
TexturesFloor FullPreview/Index.cfm/ ID/224729
 DeskLWP (lightwave presets)
 Walls FullPreview/Index.cfm/ ID/230687
 Typewriter aws/script/images028a.jpg
 Planes 3d-models/ raytheon-a36-bonanza-aircraft-3d-model/310331 (modified for color)
 German Poster GERMANY/TEN/ Nazi_poster_Nederlanders.jpg
 Rubble FullPreview/Index.cfm/ ID/222758 (came with textures)
 Moon How2/PlanetTexs/ MoonMap2_2500x1250.jpg
Problems and Solutions

1. Problem: New program, I've been modeling for a while in other programs so this was really just a challenge in learning a new program.

Solution: Lots of time pulling hair our, trying to make lightwave do what I knew I could do in other programs

2. Problem: lighting, I hadn't fully decided on what kind of lighting I wanted in the scene until fairly late in the layout process.

Solution: I eventually decided on a night time scene with the heavy moonlight coming through the hole in the wall, with the silouetes of the planes it created a very nice effect in my opinion. Also unfourtunately my flame light in my lamp, is over powering the flame inside.

3. Problem: Finding a typewriter! It was very hard to find a free typewriter over the internet,because of the complexity of the model I didn't want to attempt it with such a small time frame for errors, and with the kinds of complexities in it lots of fine tuning would have been needed.

Solution: I eventually found one on, I'd highly suggest it if anyone needs models that are just out of their skill or time limits.

4. Problem: Having a bugy computer, some days it will work fine, other days it'll take 12 minutes to start up, I ran into a fair ammount of crashing on my home computer while working, graphics card issues and the like.

Solution: I saved a ton.
Time FramePlanning3 hours
 Desk20 Hours
 Chair2 Hours
 walls1 Hour
 Planes3 hours
 Lamp and glass3 hours
 Papers20 minutes
 Moon15 minutes
 Textureing4 Hours
 Cameras and Lighting22 hours
 RendersAbout 50 minutes (not including early renders)

No references provided.